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Change the lives of a family in need.

Buy the World Housing 3D HOM-NFT today

Crypto can be a force for good in the world. With philanthropic NFTs, HOM DAO provides a platform for the crypto community to create real social impact and sustainable change.

Proceeds from the sale of the World Housing 3D HOM-NFT go to support World Housing 3D printed communities around the world.

The World Housing Collection is powered by HOM DAO & Polygon and available on OpenSea, Rarible & Refineable. Hurry the offer ends in....

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"The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away."

Pablo Picasso

Has crypto generated wealth for you?

We challenge you stop focusing on market cycles and think big.

What is your legacy going to be?

You can gift a house to a family with the purchase of one HOM-NFT

Purchase a Titanium HOM-NFT for $10,000 USDC

1 Titanium NFT = 1 home for a family in need

Buy your World Housing NFT today

Use Crypto for Good.

NFTs with upside, utility, and purpose.

The WORLD HOUSING 3D HOM NFTs feature Fibonacci-inspired animation, basis for the actual 3D home design plus the 3D printing code so you can print a scale model of the homes you help fund. 

Your NFT is an ongoing reminder of how you helped gift a home to a family giving them hope for a better life. 

3 Ways to Get Involved


$10,000 USDC

Has crypto generated a lot of personal wealth for you? It's time to do something amazing for those most in need by purchasing a Titanium NFT. Your proceeds go to building communities. 1 Titanium NFTs = 1 home. 

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$1,000 USDC

The Gold NFT represents a significant contribution. For every Gold NFTs sold, World Housing can house one person in a safe home taking them out of the slums where they live in unimaginable conditions.

Silver and Bronze

$100 to $500

This will be the NFT you're most proud of. The Silver and Bronze NFTs are about the same cost as a nice dinner in Miami or London. So this week, stay home one night and help to fund homes through a collective impact with other Silver & Bronze NFT buyers.

World Housing's mission is to create lasting social change. We believe in housing first and that a home is the beginning of a life with safety, stability, and the foundation for the restoration of dignity and hope for the future. Families begin to thrive bringing up a new generation of healthy, educated and inspired leaders for their community.  

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Over a billion people live without adequate shelter.

Put another way, 1 in 8 people today live amongst trash, sewage, drugs and abuse in unimaginable conditions. Life without secure housing is a life without basic needs being met. Families live without safety, stability, education and nutrition and without hope for the future.

Together we can change this.

Want to make a tax deductible donation with your crypto?

If you want to donate directly to World Housing, and receive a tax deduction, select the crypto and amount you want to donate, and fill out the information, and connect to your wallet. It's that easy.

Donors who contribute more than $100,000 will be invited to an exclusive Home Gifting Trip at a World Housing Community in 2023.

Gifting trips provide donors the opportunity to meet the families and tour the communities they have funded.  Donations of $300,000 or more, will get exclusive naming rights to an entire World Housing community, and will be invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of the community.

The Buzz About The World Housing NFT Drop

"The combination of NFTs to raise funds and 3D printing to build homes for families in need is an ideal combination of new technologies to solve real social problems."

"The use of 3D printing greatly accelerates the construction cycle for the projects, making it possible to build communities in months, instead of years."

"With philanthropic NFT drops there is now a way for the crypto community to act on that idea where NFTs have the potential to create real social impact and sustainable change"

The World Housing NFT


Limited edition NFT’s unlock the door to safe homes for families.


Print a scale model of your 3D HOM NFT


If you sell your NFT part of the proceeds will continue to go to World Housing to build more homes.


NFT’s are minted to reduce gas fees for NFT owners.

Your NFT purchase helps in so many ways.


Why you should buy an NFT

Everyone needs a safe home. With a secure home, a family can focus on investing their future, knowing their efforts will be growing on a solid foundation that won’t wash away. Children who grow up in safe homes and communities are healthier, happier, and more likely to foster those kinds of communities in their future.


Where your money goes

We devote all of the funds we receive to building our communities. We work with local partners to ensure that your donations are going directly to construction and helping families. We do have overhead, like marketing and accounting, but the vast majority of your donation goes directly to building housing.


What past donations have achieved

Since 2013, World Housing donors have provided over 4,000 people in El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, Cambodia, the Philippines and Canada with safe homes, fostering communities where families can thrive with safety, security, and access to the resources that change lives.